Saving the World, One Radio Flyer at a Time

It may sound overly high-minded, but I do what I do–plan and design transportation that improves communities–to make the world a better place. People for Bikes puts a human face on this idea by saying “Build It For Isabella,” a 12-year-old girl who wants to travel safely and independently in her neighborhood. Well, my equivalent of Isabella is our youngest son, John, who is 14.


I asked John to join me for a trip to the store yesterday to get a week’s worth of groceries. He asked, as he often does, whether we would ride or drive, so I showed him our shopping list. It was a long one, so I assumed he would come to the conclusion (as I had) that driving the four-mile round trip would be a good idea. Instead, he said “Wait a minute!” and disappeared into the garage. The result was this jury-rigged but surprisingly roadworthy setup, which he called “saving the world, one Radio Flyer at a time.”

Between the wagon and my designer panniers we must have carried close to 100 pounds of groceries home. This couldn’t have been easy work, but as soon as we arrived home, he exclaimed, “That was awesome!”

Our kids always make us proud, but some days are especially memorable! 🙂




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